Trap Shooting

Enjoy Trap Shooting at our facilities where clay targets are launched from a single "house" or machine going away from the shooter with an unpredictable angle to the right or left.

Private and semi-private lessons with our expert instructors require advance reservations and are available for all skill levels. For beginners, our instructors will teach safe gun handling as a foundation for developing a basic understanding of the sport. Develop hand-eye coordination while experiencing the thrill and challenge of breaking your first clay targets.

To book a private lesson contact the instructor directly.

To book a full package round which includes shotgun rental, 25 shells, 25 targets and group safety overview, visit our Book a Session page.  

For guests bringing their own shotgun, one round of trap shooting including all additional rounds is first come, first serve.

Clove Spring at MNL Farm also offers shotgun rental for skilled shooters on a first come, first serve basis.

For any inquiries regarding trap shooting, please call 201-983-0388 or 

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