Rules & Regulations

1. It shall be the responsibility of all guests to have knowledge of any and all clubhouse & safety rules and abide by all rules.

2. All members, participants and guests must sign in at the clubhouse upon arrival before engaging in any shooting activities.

3. All guests must be registered, must undergo the safety training provided, and must sign liability waiver before they can shoot.

4. The gun requirement used for Trap, Skeet & Sporting Clay is shotgun only; gauges: .410, 28, 20 & 12.

5. The use and possession of firearms at Clove Spring Range is limited to that which has been provided or approved by Clove Spring Range management.
Only safe firearms and ammunition are permitted while engaged in target shooting. Guns, gear and ammunition are subject to inspection by our staff.

6. Only shots in size 9, 8, 7.5 are allowed.

6. Only shots in size 9, 8, 7.5 are allowed.

7. Firearms not in use must be unloaded and have actions open, slides back or be in a gun case.

8. Gun MUST NOT be loaded until you are at a shooting station ready to fire on targets.

9. Keep the muzzle of all firearms on the firing line pointed down range.

10. Eye and ear protection is required at all times.

11. You must not load more rounds than the number of targets that are being presented.

12. Damage to club property or unsafe use of guns has a zero tolerance policy.

13. When a shell does not fire or misfires, do not open gun. Keep gun pointed down range and ask clubhouse officer for assistance.

14. Anyone observing an unsafe condition on the firing line is obliged to give the ‘cease fire’ command and report to the clubhouse officer immediately.

15. All shooters will cease fire upon command and unload all firearms immediately.

16. Never try to fix or tamper with a trap machine nor enter any trap house, for help notify our staff. Phone number is posted at each station.

17. All shots on the Sporting Clays Course are to be shot from inside the shooting cage. No outside the cage shots are allowed.

18. It’s strictly prohibited to shoot at any live game.

19. We are not responsible for any damages or loss to any gun or equipment that fall off a shooting cart or a shooting stand.Shooters are to show extreme caution when walking, driving and moving from station to station.

20. After shooting, all score cards and counter tags must be submitted to the clubhouse attendant.

21. All shooting cost must be paid the same day.

22. No hulls are to be picked up during active shooting.

23. Please pick up your empty hulls after all shooting is ceased and finished.

24. No garbage behind policy, all garbage and trash are to be disposed of in available trash cans.

25. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on firing range at any time.

26. No pets allowed on clubhouse grounds.

27. In all instances not covered by established safety rules, the decision and direction of the clubhouse officer will be final.

28. Minimum required age is 12 years old and at least one parent must be present at all times with the minor.

29. All participants and guests will cease fire and leave the clubhouse if told to do so by any clubhouse officer for violation of the rules and regulations with No Refund.

30. All participants and guests must sign the clubhouse safety rules and waiver.