Lessons with our expert instructors are available upon request for all skill levels.

Sam Palumbo

Lead instructor

Sam began trap and skeet shooting at the age of 7, and quickly became passionate about the sport. Growing up in a family of trap and skeet shooters there was always an opportunity to shoot and improve his skills. It was a natural progression for Sam to take his passion for the shooting sports to the next level; he is an avid hunter and frequently travels the world to challenge himself. Sam is a rare combination of instructor and coach, with decades of experience on the range and in the field. Whether you are a trap, skeet, sporting clays shooter or an upland bird, waterfowl hunter Sam will ensure you understand the basic fundamentals, correct stance and proper gun mount. He has only one goal “ to make you a better shooter” ​

Please call or email reservation@csrange.com to book your lesson.

Carl Wojtaszek

Lead instructor

Carl Wojtaszek is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army and serves as the Head Coach for the Army West Point Skeet and Trap Team. With 25 years of competitive shooting experience, Carl specializes in introducing young men and women to clay target shooting and working individually with shooters looking to improve their score. He is a registered shotgun instructor with both the NRA and NSSA and has participated as both a student and coach in numerous shooting clinics in the Northeast. Carl is available by appointment only.

Please call or email reservation@csrange.com to book your lesson.

John H. Thomas

Lead instructor

Mastering basic shooting fundamentals will shorten the learning curve, instill good habits and can be accomplished in just a few lessons. The fundamentals can be applied across all shooting disciplines such as trap, skeet, tower, sporting clays, five stands, and live bird shooting. Lessons are tailored to individual skill levels. Clients will learn safety, eye dominance, stance, correct gun mount, visually acquiring the target, executing the shot, follow through, mental aspects and much more. ​

John is a Level II National Sporting Clays Association shotgun instructor with 35 years of shooting experience. He achieved his Levels I and II certifications after joining Hudson Farm's newly formed shooting school where he coached Griffin & Howe clients. He is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying upland bird hunting over his Brittanies, varmint hunting, and participating in shotgun competitions. ​​

John is a certified NRA pistol instructor and certified Fly Casting Instructor. He is a life member of the National Rifle Association and the National Sporting Clays Association. ​

Please call 973-464-9707 or email tyglas@optimum.net to book your lesson.

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